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The Truth by Phoegasus


When Did God Flood the World?

God judged the world with the Flood, saving Noah and his family, about 4,300 years ago. (from 2349 to 2348 BC)

Weren’t Dinosaurs Too Big for The Ark?

Not at all. The average size of a dinosaur is about the size of a large sheep or bison. God probably sent young, small dinosaurs, NOT old, big ones.

Where Did All the Floodwaters Go?

They’re still here! At the end of the Flood, the valleys sank down and the mountains rose up. The floodwaters ran off the land and into the oceans.

The Ark Was HUGE And Seaworthy.

There was plenty of room on the Ark for all the animals that God brought to Noah before the Flood. And there was still enough room for all the food they would need (Genesis 6:21).






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